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#10 September 2016: Demography 101: Life Table Basics

#9 December 2014: Demography 101: Population Growth Rates

#8 November 2014: Dot Plot or Bar Graph?

#7 July 2014: Literacy and Gender in Bangladesh: A Development Success Story—with a caveat

#6 June 2014: Minimum Roughness Interpolation

#5 March 2014: Census Evaluation and Household Size Distributions

#4 January 2014: The Population Census as a Time Machine

#3 October 2013: What is Data?

#2 August 2013: Questionnaire Structure Diagrams

#1 June 2013: The Population of Lagos


Population Census Microdata Time Machine: Social History and Data Quality Assessment Presentation at the IPUMS-International “Big Data” Workshop, New York University, New York, 1 March 2014

The New HMD-LQ Model Life Tables and Their Application to the Analysis of Census Household Deaths Data Presentation at Statistics South Africa - 6 July 2012

The Population Census as a Time Machine Presentation at the Statistics South Africa Friday Morning Seminar - 13 May 2011

White Papers

Removing Zigzag from Age Data, February 2013.

What Can the Census Tell Us about Mortality?, October 2009.

Component Projection Tutorial October 2009.

2009 Blog Posts

18-Oct-2009 Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference 2009

22-Jun-2009 Population Projection by Spreadsheet

10-Jun-2009 Fertility Tempo Calculations for the United States: 1917-1991 (Bongaarts and Feeney 1998)

10-Jun-2009 Rapid Assessment of Census Data on Children Born and Surviving

10-Jun-2009 Time-plotting Children Ever Born Data for Thailand

01-Jun-2009 Time-plotting children ever born data for Kenya

31-May-2009 Time-plotting Children Ever Born Data for the United States

30-May-2009 Time-plotting Life Cycle Events

28-May-2009 Rostock Summer School on Frontiers of Formal Demography

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