1979 Relational Models (Directory listing)

1992 Indirect Estimation of Period Parity Progression Ratios (Directory listing)

1993 The Two-sex Problem (Directory listing)

1994 Notes on the Definition of Rural and Urban Areas in the 1990 Population Census of China (Directory listing)

1994 Median Age at First Marriage (Directory listing)

1995 DHS Diarrhoea Data (Directory listing)

1995 Life Table Construction (Directory listing)

1997 Census Survival Ratio Consistency Check (Directory listing)

1997 Notes on Complex Data (fragmentary) (Directory listing)

1998 Intercensal Age Group Ratios (Directory listing)

1998 A New Interpretation of Brass' P/F Ratio Method Applicable When Fertility is Declining (Directory listing)

1998 The Singulate Mean Age at Marriage (Directory listing)

1999 Census Editing (Directory listing)

1999 Understanding Epimodel Notes on Epimodel produced in September 1999 as a result of working with the United Nations Population Division, UNAIDS and the Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections (Epidemiology Reference Group). The organized exposition referred to on the title page was never produced. Epimodel has now been largely if not entirely supplanted by EPP, Estimation and Projection Package, so this material is primarily of historical interest.

1999 Questionnaire Structure Diagrams (Directory listing)

2001 Census Metadata (Directory listing)

2001 PF Note (Directory listing; partially duplicates 1998 P/F above) (Directory listing)

2003 Maximum Likelihood Estimates and Age-Specific Death Rates (Directory listing)