1974 Multiple Decrement Theory (PDF)

1974 The Ryder Translation Formula (Directory listing)

1975 The Own-Children Method of Estimating Age-Specific Fertility Rates Lecture Notes Prepared for a Demographic Analysis and Data Evaluation Workshop, Department of Statistics, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10-28 March, 1975.

1988 How to Present a Paper

1992 Technique for Data Maps East-West Center, July 1992 (Directory listing)

1996 Hand Plotting Technique (East-West Center, March 1996)

1996 Lexis Diagrams: PDF Slide Presentation (East-West Center, June 1996)

1996 Stem and Leaf Plots

1995 Understanding Data

1998 The Vincent-El Badry Method

1998 What is Demographic Analysis?

1999 Perl by Example (Directory listing)

1999 Web Page Design Note