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Presentation at the IPUMS-International “Big Data” Workshop, New York University, New York, 1 March 2014.

Population Census Microdata Time Machine: Social History and Data Quality Assessment

Presentation slides (PPT 1145KB)

Presentation slides with notes (PDF, 0.5MB)

Working Document Literacy Time-plots for 53 Countries (PDF, 4.4MB, 57 pages, 12 March 2014)

Working Document Mean Children Ever Born Time-plots for 55 Countries (PDF, 4.5MB, 59 pages, 6 March 2014)

Working Document Primary School Completion Time-plots for 63 Countries (PDF, 5.5MB, 68 pages, 12 March 2014)

Please refer interested persons to this website to download the working documents rather than distributing them directly. This will ensure that persons obtain the most current versions.

Related Work on Time-plotting

Progression to First Marriage in Japan: 1870-1980. Nihon University Population Research Institute Research Paper Series No. 24, March 1985.

Period parity progression measures of fertility in Japan. Nihon University Population Research Institute Research Paper Series No. 35, December 1986.

The use of parity progression models in evaluating family planning programmes

The Analysis of Children Ever Born Data for Post-Reproductive Age Women, Notestein Seminar, Office of Population Research, Princeton University, 14 November 1995

Time-plotting life cycle events

The Population Census as a Time-Machine

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